lunedì 9 aprile 2007

Stick with Biscet for President - WHPW

Asha and fellow freedom lovers,

Cuban has been enslaved by tyranny longer than many of us have been on this earth. While it is challenging, and some would say presumptuous, of us to even start such a campaign, do not forget why Biscet is in prison and why HE chose to return to prison.

Unlike people who were forced or chose to flee Cuba, Biscet openly and notoriously thumbed his nose at the regime not once, not twice, but many times over. He is a unique individual. He is a leader. In Biscet is the future of Cuba many times over represented. His messages from prison reinforce his fighting spirit.

When an individual, his family, and indeed a country, lives under fear and persecution, the duty of a country and free people such as our own is to assist them as best we can. In that political morass they cannot clearly see all the options before them. It is a psychological and personal prison.

As Republicans in this group, we can say that, unfortunately, the Bush Administration has failed them in that respect, but it has helped in others. We know there are good people in the Bush Administration looking for options. Take it from us, BISCET FOR PRESIDENT is an option.

As far as parallels to Mandela, well, I'd say be careful. Fidel Castro and Mandela are pals. His ideology, leftist and anti-American. Not sure where this came from to begin with. Biscet is Cuban. Period. And the parallels, while some, do not compare to what Cuban political prisoners have experienced since 1959.

Bold ideas will bring change. Just stay focused on the big prize.

Stick with Biscet for President, people are listening and focusing on it.

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