sabato 24 marzo 2007

Welcome to the "Biscet for President Campaign

In 2006 i started a poll, asking for the best president for Cuba.
On 100 answers, 37 was for Biscet.
Montaner follow with 21, Martha Beatriz con 17..

Curiously, more than a half where from Europe.

I see an oportunity to push his candidature for the presidential elections of 2008.

I'm looking forward for volunteers.

Asha Nair

2 commenti:

ziva ha detto...

Count me in Asha. This will sure give those gutter rats in La Habaña something to think about.

Asha Nair ha detto...

The important is that make sense para nuestras familias alla en Cuba. Tenemos que presionarlos a lo maximo, entiendes, Ziva? Todos deben hacer su parte.